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RuneScape has basically zero item sinks
My only thing is what is the purpose of making these already worthless items have value? For the sake of having value? They are useless because of this. It is like which makes it expensive and carrying rice or any other low price thing, for what stage RuneScape 2007 gold? Because both things aren't intended to be paired 33, Aside from somebody is making money from the price gouge, it would not flow with the rest of the market. And the detection system is a band-aid on a notion lol. What is the purpose?

The majority of these items are only"worthless" due to bottling or massive resource influx from terrible boss shed tables. They used to be worthless back or for quite a very long time in OSRS. Also, RuneScape has basically zero item sinks due to fatalities being 100% secure for years. Items not being sunk will constantly eliminate value as new ones come into RuneScape far faster than new players want them. Doesn't mean it is not happening, because it is occurring slow for higher value items. It is not like that is proposing we artificially make oak longbow(un ) 10k for your day.

Making skilling for cash worth it, there's absolutely no gain in Selling smelted swords, mixed potions, and crafted Armour, and hardly any gain from gathering skills, should you reduce the amounts of stuff in the market, these things will become more precious again. Envision players that are low selling them for profit and smithing steel scimitars, this can happen.

I don't believe you thought this through. If, for example, we take yew logs as the item for a day then that which we would get is temporary hyperinflation. All the rich assholes would purchase out as many logs while people try to reverse these logs as they could. The skillers practice will need to compete with these rich assholes buying items solely or buying these logs just to delete them to attempt to sell at prices that are discounted to wealthy assholes.

The profitability of these items for level skillers would be a non problem. It is more likely we'll see a bot farm dip every yew tree from people. That is a terrible thought.

It is declared on the day it is the product, no? Otherwise, there's no point to a item of the day. This is speaking about what happens daily. Often, the wealthiest players are the ones who play with the maximum. They will be here probably every day once the thing changes to buy them all out to resell at a sign up or sacrifice to your hole. Simply because it isn't announced doesn't mean it's not going to happen. You underestimating this neighborhood really functions with cheap RS gold. The one issue I can see there's that most if not all the folks in that quest don't really care about anything or civilization. Only fighting. As much as I love her character, Tegdak should have gotten the spot. He's an actual goblin archeologist. However, if they don't have to Jagex does not wish to go to the attempt of anything or remodeling anyone, it sounds. Like stepping into Old school, you go down into Dorgesh-Kaan, it's.
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